• Hi! We are a typical American family of 5, doing an untypical thing by selling most of our possessions to live our dream of traveling the world full-time. This is our journey of being disillusioned with the traditional “American dream” of living in a suburban home, accumulating stuff, and vacationing once a year, and deciding to redefine what the American dream means to us.

    We are shedding the crammed schedules, high cost of living (aka attachments), heavy workload and minimal family time, to experience new cultures, give our kids a global education, and spread our message of how to strengthen families worldwide.

    We realized “someday” is not one of the days of the week. If we were going to live our dream, we had to consciously choose it, and begin.

    We are hitting the open road to fall in love with our own homeland first, and then on to other countries. Our wish is that you’ll join our journey and that it’ll inspire you to streamline & prioritize your life so that it feels meaningful and allows you to follow your own passions & dreams, today. You have a divine purpose. The question to ask yourself is, “Are you living it?”

  • Our MISSION:

    • Strengthen the Modern Family with Timeless Principles.
    • Serve & Donate in communities.
    • Discover the spirit of the USA thru the families, businesses and sites that make America great.
    • Live our purpose & passion, and inspire others to live theirs so we all leave the world a better place than we found it.
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