Oz Museum in Kansas

Oz main

While traveling through Kansas we stopped off in Wamego, Kansas to see the Oz museum. In this quaint, little town of a few hundred people, there’s a museum dedicated to the movie that made their state famous.









Oz 1

As you enter the museum, there’s different scenes from the movie recreated in various alcoves throughout the building.

Each main character gets their moment to shine.

Besides the vignettes, there’s decades of memorabilia  and artifacts on the movie.





There’s a chair set up in the Emerald City for you to sit in and be “The Great and Powerful OZ” for a moment.

oz 2

The museum only took 30 minutes or so to experience, but it was a fun trip down memory lane.

They have an extensive gift shop that loyal fans would really enjoy.

If you’re ever crossing through the plains of Kansas and are looking for a place to stretch your legs and be entertained for a bit, I’d recommend following the yellow brick road to the Oz Museum in Wamego!


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