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We are often asked questions about how we’ve managed to plan our trip and create this life changing adventure.

This section is an attempt to give some helpful information on those topics and more. Feel free to email us your questions, and we will gladly answer them the best we can. ~Happy travels!

Disclaimer: These are sites we’ve actually used and found useful and/or inspiring. While we’ve pre-viewed the contents and haven’t found offensive material, we are not responsible for the content found on them.

Also, we might be affiliates for some of these sites, and it’s possible we might get an affiliate commission if you purchase. It’s not the reason for recommending them, but a nice reward for sharing the love.

Debt reduction and Eliminating your Junk:

Man Vs. Debt –

Live Your Passion & Make Money Doing it:

Chris Guillbeau

Learn how to become a digital nomad

Corbett Barr: start a blog that matters

Danielle LaPorte: Firestarter Sessions

Making the Big Leap: