The answers to the more common questions we get. Ask us more; we’ll be happy to answer.

What impacted your decision to do this?

We get asked this question often, and in a nutshell- our kids. We’ve always enjoyed traveling as a family, and feel the best way to educate our kids is to actually show them the world. When we realized we only have 3 summers left until our oldest heads off to college, we were committed to getting in as much travel and family time possible before then. We want to create family memories that will last our lifetime, grow our business on our own terms, and do good in the world along the way.

How do you prepare for a trip like this?

Lots and lots of hours on the computer doing research! There are a lot of great books you can read to get you in the mindset for this lifestyle. You can see some of the ones we found helpful HERE. Plus, there’s a lot of free resources, tips and inspiration reading other’s blogs. Some of our favorites are listed HERE.

No matter how much you try to prepare, I don’t think you’ll ever be 100% ready, or 100% confident you are equipped for it. The key is to move forward and figure out what you don’t know along the way.

‪What is a Full Time Traveling Family? ‬ How does it work?

Being a full time traveling family is all about no longer living the hectic, modern daily lives we were used to. It’s about slowing down and investing in what is most precious to us: family time, educating our kids (and us) in things we never had the time for, seeing the world and meeting new people, volunteering and contributing to something bigger than ourselves, living healthier, and figuring out how to share our speaking and coaching expertise on a global scale, so that it generates income online and maintains our freedom to travel.

How do you finance this?

There are a variety of ways families create the money for extensive travel. Some sell their homes, save for years, withdraw money from investment accounts, work online or offline while on the road. We are renting out our home and sold pretty much everything we owned to get us on the road. Plus we use our current speaking and coaching careers, plus our online products and programs to finance our full time travel.

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