How do you raise a humanitarian?

Last week my kids were invited to help make blankets, hats and scarves for a local womens shelter in our hometown. My kids were excited at the opportunity, especially since their friends would be involved this time. Often, our volunteer efforts are done just as a family, so I took a mental note at how this one adjustment increased their enthusiasm. It got me thinking about what other components make up a successful service project, and how do I use them to create a lifestyle of service, not just a seasonal contribution.

As the holidays approach, it’s a natural time for people to seek out volunteer opportunities and service projects, and give to charities. It’s a great chance to work together and bond as a family. It’s also a great way to instill character and pass on your values to your children during their formative years.

Unfortunately, once the holidays pass and the New Year gets underway, it’s easy to let that humanitarian spirit go dormant until the next holiday season. So the golden question is,

“How do you raise a service-oriented child?”

It’s a question I’ve been pondering since my children were little. I’ve experimented with many types of projects, and multiple approaches. Many have been successful, some have been flops. I’ve learned a lot over the past decade, and I’m excited to share my insights with you in hopes it’ll shorten your learning curve and inspire you to consider volunteering on a regular basis.

I have compiled  a short, informative article giving you 8 tips on How to raise a service-oriented child.

I hope these tips will serve your family this season, and well into 2013.

If you have some advice to add in addition to my 8 tips, I’d love to hear your comments below. I don’t claim to know it all, and I’d love to learn from your wisdom as well.

Happy Holidays,



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