Tips on How To Fund Your Travels



Our daily encounters with people will invariably lead to talks of our lifestyle of full-time travel around the U.S. as a family. It’s usually followed by our new acquaintance saying some variation of the comment, “I wish I could do that, but I don’t have the time or money.” Yesterday Dino quickly answered back, “Then you never will.”

At first I was startled by his response, but once it sunk in, I saw how profound it was. I don’t think there’s a traveler out there who “found” a pile of time or money- they created it. And so can you.

People tend to be more concerned with how to find the money, than the time, so here’s a few tips to show you how numerous travelers like us have created the funds to travel frequently, and in some cases, indefinitely.

How can you pay for your next travel adventure?


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