Visit to Independence

Independence Visitors Center- by Hayden Watt

This week we went to Independence, Missouri and went to see the lds visitor center. iVCCabin_Detail

When we got there we where introduced to sister Hill who was very nice after we introduced are self’s we started the tour of the building we started down stairs at the 1st exhibit which was a copy of an old fashioned house of back then. After the house we went to the next exhibit, which was a copy of the old printer station, which showed how they printed in the old days. After we where done with that we went to a room that had the back story about why the lds members where hear and how they where thrown out and the extermination order to kill the Mormons and all that stuff. After we finished up the tour our tour guyed wonted to take a picture with the gnome in front of the RV then we said are goodbyes and we drove off.





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