My Top 5 places to see California Wildlife

The following article was a part of Family Trek’s California Extravaganza blog series. Thanks to Clark Vandeventer for allowing me to be a guest blogger on his site. Love what they’re doing over there.


California is known for many things; the glamour of Hollywood, the beautiful coastline, the Mediterranean weather, and the list goes on. There’s something for everyone here, and Clark has dedicated several blog posts to exploring the great things to see and do in the Golden State.

San Simeon, California by Shannon Watt

Being a California native, I’ve had the chance to experience many of these places and I find that my number one favorite thing about being there is the ability to go for a stroll and see marine wildlife living in their natural environment, not in a zoo or aquarium.

I’ll never forget our family vacations back in the ’80’s when we’d camp on the bluffs of San Louis Obispo and nature was our only entertainment. We’d wake up at dawn and watch a pod of Orcas hunt sea lions all the way into the breaker waves on the beach. It was as if an episode of National Geographic was unfolding before our eyes. From that moment on, I’ve sought out opportunities to view animals in their natural habitat whenever possible.

Most visitors to California don’t realize that amid the city lights and dazzling tourist attractions, there’s an abundance of marine animals dwelling so close to civilization you can literally walk out your backyard and find them.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 places to watch California wildlife along the coast.  

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