Kenya Humanitarian Trip 2014

Guatemala Humanitarian Trip- July 2014

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Avery and I went down to Lake Atitlan and stayed with our friends, Greg & Lucy Jensen, to volunteer at their non-profit, Mayan Eco Homestead for a couple of weeks. They teach the indigenous Mayan culture how to grow more diverse food options, like vegetables, so they can increase their nutrition. Guatemala is the 4th most undernourished country in the world, and rely heavily on corn as a staple food source. Greg teaches willing participants how to square foot garden, raise rabbits for meat, and create compost, solar water heaters and safer cooking methods to help the locals elevate their standard of living. Once a participant has completed the training, and worked sufficient hours on the teaching farm, they are gifted with the materials to build their own square foot garden at their home. It’s been a very successful project and I’m grateful we ere able to go contribute to such a worthy project.


Our Visit to the International Spy Museum

Hannah is thinking she might want to become a FBI agent or a detective some day so what better place to visit than the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. We all had a blast learning how important and dangerous the world of espionage is. During our visit, the museum was holding a special exhibit on the villains of Jame Bond which we all enjoyed.