So what is a nomadic, location independent family all about?

  • For us, this journey is about living our passions NOW, and not putting them off for “Someday”. We realized “someday” is not one of the days of the week. If we were going to live our dream, we had to consciously choose it, and begin.
  • It’s about getting authentic and transparent with what it takes to build a marriage, grow a family, work a business, and live our message while we travel.
  • Our mission is to put Time above Money. Family above Career. Experiential learning above theoretical education. Adventure above Fear. Living Passionately above Security. Experiences above Excuses.
  • It’s about planning, executing and enrolling others in our dream, and helping them to live theirs.
  • It’s about figuring out how to balance our life; plugged into technology and off the grid.
  • It’s about nurturing the biggest investment we’ll ever make; our family.
  • It’s about how to love each other, no matter how much we drive each other crazy.
  • It’s about raising kind, principled, productive, and happy kids, in a world that’s constantly changing around them.
  • It’s about contribution and service and living a legacy much bigger than ourselves.
  • Thanks for joining us on this journey. We’ll save a seat for you at our next stop….